AFROS CANNON SPA of Milan Italy are the world’s largest independent machinery manufacturer.

Their main fields of activity are currently Plastics Technologies – for Polyurethanes, Composites and Thermoforming – Steam & Water Solutions and Industrial Electronic Controls.

Reac has been the sole Southern Africa agents for Cannon since 1973.

Today, Manni is the only company wholly dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of machinery and plant for the production of discontinuous insulating panels plants and for this reason is inevitably the ideal partner to find the most suitable and efficient solution.

For the last 25 years, Manni has diversified production and concentrated its research on engineering and manufacturing solutions for polyurethane foam filled panels. 


Acmos provides a range of industries world-wide with dedicated engineering solutions. The group's main fields of activity are Plastics Processing Technologies; Equipment for Energy & Ecology; Aluminium Die-Casting machines and Electronic Control Systems for Industrial Processes. 

ACMOS provides easy-to-use release agents and lubricants, corrosion protection and metal-working agents as well as highly heat resistant coatings. 

Beinlich Pumpen GmbH. Precision pumps. Founded in 1951, Beinlich Pumpen GmbH is an international supplier of gear and radial piston pumps for industrial applications in process plants


Beinlich is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the area of adhesive bonding and dosing technology. Complete pump units or individual components manufactured by Beinlich are used in the chemical, paint, hydraulics, plastics, coatings, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the construction of machines, ships and airplanes

DST provides environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. In cases where highly toxic or aggressive media is being used, DST products enable a leakage-free transmission and thus meet the highest safety requirements. 

 Due to their special safety feature, DST magnetic couplings can be used in various areas: besides the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, DST products are applied in biotechnology, in industrial furnaces, in water management, in compressors, in measurement and dosing technology, in hydraulics or in petro chemistry.

VSE Volumentechnik GmbH develops and manufactures highly-precise flow measuring devices for almost all pumpable media as well as electronic evaluation devices. 

SCHÜTZE specializes in designing and manufacturing Sprayguns, Spray Valves and material supply systems for more than 80 years. 

Hitema International Air-cooled liquid chillers, designed for industrial use and for outdoor (ENR, ENRF) and indoor (CSE) installation. 

 These chillers are designed for applications that require reliability, continuity of operation, high performance and reduced management costs.


The company's in house development and design department comes up with technically exceptional solutions tailored to the client's individual requirements. Thus, customer specific flow sensors with highest accuracy can be designed within shortest development times. VSE, headquartered in the German town of Neuenrade, was founded in 1989 and belongs to the Echterhage Group.

Spraying or extruding release agents, oils, glues, adhesives, colours, paints, baking fats..., in the SCHÜTZE-product range you can find the optimum solution. For special application requirements we can design and produce individual solutions




TEC MAC Srl for over than 35 years has been producing machines and plants for two component systems as polyurethane (rigid, flexible, semi-rigid foams, elastomers and integral), polyurea, epoxy and phenolic resins, silicones, etc.

Rotary Power has supplied pumps to the polyurethane foam industry for over 40 years.




Our chemical metering pumps are used to deliver high accuracy fluid metering with precision flow controls and high-pressure capability. These pumps are capable of pumping a wide range of chemicals and can be set to achieve consistently accurate metering. 


The C-range chemical metering pump is designed specifically for the challenging polyurethane industry.

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